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Bran Vinegar, Le Bon Vinaigre

■ 350ml - 11.8fl. oz.

■ Acidity: 6°

■ Pourer cap

■ Aged in oak barrel

■ Product of France


Bran Vinegar by  Le Bon Vinaigre takes up one of the symbols of Burgundy: mustard, and joins forces with the famous Moutarderie Fallot to bring you an artisanal mustard-scented vinegar. Let yourself be tempted by the strength and finesse of the mustard and the sweetness of the vinegar, made from Pinot Noir grapes. Like all Bons Vinaigres, it is aged in oak barrels to develop all its aromas.


SKU: BV-207
  • La Vinaigrerie Artisanale de Beaune is first and foremost the story of an entrepreneurial passion, centered around the art of living and the craft of taste. At the head of the project are Lydie and Jean-Luc Maldant, winegrowers who are as attached to their region as they are to good, high-quality products. The idea was born of a desire to give meaning to an industry approach. Transforming wines into vinegars, and bringing new meaning to the industry. An original project, to say the least, but true to the spirit and entrepreneurial philosophy of the Domaine Maldant-Pauvelot team, it represents a major challenge, which the team was able to meet in just one short year, by visiting several vinegar factories throughout Europe and training alongside professionals who are also attached to the good, the authentic and the land.