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Fig Mustard, Domaine des Terres Rouges

■ 200g - 7.0oz.

■ Product of France


Discover the unique taste of Domaine des Terres Rouges' Fig Mustard, made in France. This exceptional condiment boasts a natural fig aroma that will tantalize your taste buds. The sweet and salty blend is the result of careful distillation and decantation processes. This mustard is made using whole seeds that are pressed in a traditional stone mill, ensuring the highest quality. Add a touch of gourmet French flair to your meals with this exquisite Fig Mustard.


SKU: DR-208
  • Domaine des Terres Rouges was funded in 1990 in Collonges-la-Rouge, a quaint medieval town in Correze built with red stone, from what the brand name originates. In 2015, the brand joined the group Alelor, specialist in condiment since 1873 in Alsace. Domaine des Terres Rouges remain a separate brand with their core know-how. Domaine des Terres Rouges granted with a long heritage of traditional know-how offers a wide variety of mustards all unique by their aromas.