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Cesar Olive Oil, Nicolas Alziari

■ 100ml - 3.3fl.oz. (Very small)

■ 250ml - 8.4fl.oz. (Small)

■ 500ml - 16.9fl.oz. (Medium)

■ Extra virgin

■ First cold pressed

■ Product of Nice (PDO)


Cesar Olive Oil by Nicolas Alziari. Made of one variety of olive: Cailletier harvested from Nicolas Alziari olive grove. Slightly golden body, nose of dry herbs, delicate taste of artichoke and almond.


PriceFrom C$16.50
  • Miller and merchant since 1868, Nicolas Alziari decided very early to focus on excellence by making olive oils of constant quality made of a blend of olives; it took years and great know-how to find the perfect custom blend but that is how they became one of the references in Grand Crus’ olive oils in France. Recently they decided to go one step further by owning and working an organic olive grove on the French Riviera: they take great pride in controlling the manufacturing process of their product: from the selection of the olives to the making of their olive oils.