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Fleur de Sel Noirmoutier & Black Truffle, Les Terres Blanches

■ 60g - 2.1oz.

■ Product of Noirmoutier, France


This luxurious product by Les Terres Blanches is the perfect addition to any gourmet kitchen. Originating from Noirmoutier, France, the Fleur de Sel Noirmoutier & Black Truffle is a blend of the powerful truffle Tuber Melanosporum and the Queen of Fleur de sel, as white as snow. The rich taste and scent of the black truffle pairs perfectly with the delicate salt crystals, making this an indulgent seasoning for any dish. Elevate your cooking game with this premium Fleur de Sel Noirmoutier & Black Truffle blend.


SKU: TB-202
  • Sonia Fanger, fine cuisine enthusiast, created Les Terres Blanches with the idea of selecting the best Fleurs de Sel (the ultimate flavor enhancer) from France and around the world. She opted for modern yet artisanal ceramic pot as a beautifier for these high-quality Fleurs de Sel. The finish is velvety; the natural cork allows the salt to breathe and to last for ever. The selection process is based on a strict code of ethics: artisanal product (hand harvested with wooden shovels as per traditional know-how), naturally sundried, no additive or processing.