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Durance Olive Oil, Domaine Salvator

■ 500ml - 16.9fl. oz.

■ PDO Haute Provence, France

■ Organic

■ Extra virgin 

■ Green & Fruity

■ Pure intensity

■ Variety: Aglandau

■ Nose: Fresh cut grass, green leaves, green apple

■ Taste: raw artichoke, fresh almond

■ Pungency: 5/10  

■ Bitterness: 4/10


This Durance Olive Oil is a gourmet product of the highest quality. It is made from the finest Aglandau olives, freshly picked on the same day and transformed into oil on the spot. The oil is characterised by a strong green and intense flavour, giving it a unique flavour. By Domaine Salvator, this is a product you can trust for its quality and flavour.


SKU: SV-101
  • Since 1902, Domaine Salvator has farmed their olive orchards. Fifth generation of farmers, Sophie & Frédéric Pinatel have worked on turning the sustainable farming to a fully organic one. This domain has a fantastic natural heritage with hundred years old olive trees and offers olive oil of exceptional quality. A unique character, fine aromas, make the quality of the Domaine Salvator olives.