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Barbecue Sauce, Maison Martin

■ 350g - 12.3oz.

■ No preservatives

■ No thickening agents

■ Vegan

■ Gluten-free

■ Product of France


For marinating, basting, and dipping. Made in France with no preservatives or thickening agents, this vegan and gluten-free option is both healthy and delicious. Add a touch of Maison Martin's barbecue sauce to your grilled meat or vegetables and enjoy the rich, bold flavor of French cuisine.


SKU: MA-202
  • Anna, Jean-Baptiste and Benjamin, 3 cousins, fond of French terroir and gastronomy founded Maison Martin, manufacture of artisanal hot sauces. They partner with farmers from the South West of France. Their selection of raw ingredients is very strict as they work solely with ripe fruits which ferment in barrels for few months prior to be transformed. The collection is made of “pure cru” sauces as well as blend of chilli peppers. A diverse and flavorful range of aromas and spiciness.