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Artisanal Tarragon Vinegar, Vinaigrerie Artisanale Laurent Agnès

■ 250ml - 8.4fl. oz.

■ Acidity: 7°

■ Product of France


This artisanal Tarragon Vinegar from Laurent Agnès is a delicious addition to any gourmet kitchen. Carefully selected tarragon, cloves, and cinnamon are macerated in white wine vinegar to create a unique and flavorful condiment. Perfect for adding a hint of sweetness to any meal, this French-made vinegar is sure to delight your taste buds.


SKU: LA-203
  • Laurent Agnès has excelled his craftsmanship throughout his 20 years of skill developments. He used to be a landscape gardener, job that granted him with a great knowledge about plants, flowers and fruits. He is very specific about the raw ingredients he picks. His philosophy sums up in 3 words: oak, time and passion.