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Fleur de Sel, South Wind, Binet 1660

■ 100g - 3.5oz.

■ Product of Batz-sur-Mer, France


This Fleur de Sel South Wind, by Binet 1660, is a rare and exceptional French gourmet product. Harvested in Batz-sur-Mer, France, it is collected under southern winds, resulting in a fine and powdery snow-like appearance. Its unique texture and strength allow it to penetrate deep into the heart of any dish, creating an explosion of flavors. This Fleur de Sel South Wind is an extremely rare and coveted addition to any gourmet kitchen.


SKU: BI-501
  • It is said that their forefather, Georges Binet, wigmaker and confidant of Louis XIV, introduced salt to the King's Court in 1660. It was harvested in Batz, the salt capital of the Guérande region. In the Binet family, ennobled in 1718, the adage goes: “ Salt of the king, in the marshes of the village of Batz you will crystallize, never mixed, never crushed, in an easterly wind you will be born! " It is by combining the centuries-old know-how of the Benedictine monks with high standards and modernity that Edouard and Cédric have developed this collection of unrivalled salts. The GRAND CRU DE BATZ Salts are produced according to climatic conditions, temperatures and winds - allowing to naturally obtain different particle sizes and tasting powers. These salts are let drained for 12 months before being selected and sorted, grain by grain, by hand. This unique production method allows to obtain not one, but specific and exceptional fleurs de sel... From prestigious tables of the greatest chefs to those of royalty and heads of state today, their salts sublimate with finesse the most beautiful creations. Their philosophy: The Necessity of Perfection, through Tradition.

  • 100% sea salt.