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Lemon Vinegar, Granhota

■ 250ml - 8.4fl. oz.

■ Acidity : 6%

■ Notes : Explosive, sour

■ Product of France


Lemon Vinegar by Granhota. Fruity: Vinegars with a natural sweetness, they will bring generous roundness to any dishes. The most famous lemon from Menton by Granhota let infused in a white wine vinegar for few months will result in a striking freshness.


SKU: GR-109
  • Going against the twentieth century which saw the disappearance of small village vinegar makers to the benefit of a handful of industrialists, Laurent Faure launched his first trials of vinegar in 2009 and in 2013 created Granhota to give back its letters of nobility to French vinegar. His desire to combine his passion for wine growing and gastronomy led him to develop a condiment of gastronomic tradition, with wines from Languedoc, selected for their aromatic and organoleptic structure. Following the traditional recipe of Modena, he creates balsamic vinegars, but also wine vinegars flavoured with fruit or spices, such as the Safran des Corbières. At Granhota, you will not find any additives, coloring agents, preservatives or sulfites added. The master vinegar maker works the vinegars according to the ancestral method, to respect the product and nature.