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Matin à Paris Sugar, Canasuc

Croissants & cup shaped sugars.

■ 90g - 3.2oz.  SU-108, 32 pieces (Small)

■ 180g - 6.3oz. SU-158, 66 pieces, Individually wrapped (Large)

■ Product of France


Matin à Paris Sugar by Canasuc. Breakfast is a very important moment to start the day well, to take the time to settle down and to fill up with energy! Melt sugar in the shape of a croissant, a cup or a brioche in your morning coffee, to enjoy a gourmet breakfast before the day's rush. Embark on a Parisian world of a café terrace, to take time for yourself.


PriceFrom C$21.00
  • The world of Canasuc is finesse, aesthetics and excellence. Sugar or Decorative Objects? Place a bird on your cup and dress it up with poetry. Canasuc sugars recreate the art of entertaining with elegance and ingenuity. An everyday product becomes something extraordinary and your coffee/tea break once again becomes a magical experience. A true invitation to travel and dreams, their delicate shapes are infused with the French art of living. Canasuc was created in the 90’s by Mr Bosc-Bierne. In 2020, Mrs Beschemin & Mrs Texier took over and strongly commit to ensure the sustainability of this exclusive know-how! Canasuc Hand crafted moulded sugars are so chic.