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White Candy Sugar, Canasuc

■ 250g - 8.8oz.

■ Product of France


White Candy Sugar by Canasuc. The purity and brilliance of white candy sugar is enhanced by the transparency of the Canasuc cube. Ready to be placed on the table, they will make your guests' eyes shine. Made from cane sugar, obtained by natural crystallization.


SKU: SU-203
  • The world of Canasuc is finesse, aesthetics and excellence. Sugar or Decorative Objects? Place a bird on your cup and dress it up with poetry. Canasuc sugars recreate the art of entertaining with elegance and ingenuity. An everyday product becomes something extraordinary and your coffee/tea break once again becomes a magical experience. A true invitation to travel and dreams, their delicate shapes are infused with the French art of living. Canasuc was created in the 90’s by Mr Bosc-Bierne. In 2020, Mrs Beschemin & Mrs Texier took over and strongly commit to ensure the sustainability of this exclusive know-how! Canasuc Hand crafted moulded sugars are so chic.