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French Honey by Hédène !!!

Oak Honey - Hédène | Clipperton

"Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body." Proverbs 16:24

The 107th Tour de France is coming to an end.

Perfect timing to invite you for a Tour de France via your taste buds thanks to our range of French honeys by Hédène!

Let’s board for a journey of the senses and let’s discover the French floral heritage. Each honey by Hédène comes from emblematic flowers of a French terroir; each honey stands out with its own unique aromas, color and texture.

The excellence and authenticity of these honeys result from 3 main guidelines”

- apiaries are established in the most beautiful wildflowers parcels of France

- honeys are cold extracted and not pasteurized

- all designations of origin are certified.

Honey - Hédène | Clipperton

Lavender from Lubéron

Fir and Acacia from Jura

Rosemary from Languedoc

Chestnut from Lozere

Linden from Picardy

Alder Buckthorn from the Landes

Blackberry from Limousin

Oak from Aquitaine

Buckwheat from Loiret

Carrot from Gâtinais

Hawthorn from Charentes

Alfalfa from the Ardennes

Clover from Perigord

Thanks to this wide range of single origin and pure cru honeys, you can appreciate a fantastic variety of tastes.

Honey is a natural and raw product, which numerous beneficial properties are not to be proven anymore.

Honey is a noble product, easy to enjoy:

- Straight out of the jar

- Paired with a cheese (Few suggestions may be: Heather honey with a Comte cheese, Linden honey with a Brie or Chestnut honey with a Roquefort: very satisfying!)

- As a main ingredient of a beef marinade (Fir honey + soy sauce + Dijon mustard + olive oil + salt and pepper)

- In pastries (Alder Buckthorn ice cream, Rosemary honey roasted cherries, Lavender honey Apricot clafoutis)

You get it right: with such a wide range of honeys from France offering amazing flavors, textures and colors, only the sky is the limit!


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