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French Artisanal Hot Sauce

FRENCH ARTISANAL HOT SAUCE - Maison Martin | Clipperton

Here are the artisanal hot sauces by Maison Martin: a range of bold and creative recipes.

FRENCH ARTISANAL HOT SAUCE - Maison Martin | Clipperton

1. Choice of quality raw ingredients:

Chilli peppers are from sustainable farming in France: natural and pesticide-free. They are harvested fully ripe.

LOGO - Maison Martin | Clipperton

2. Transformation of the chili peppers:

The purées of peppers are let to mature in barrels for few months prior to being cooked by the chefs.

3. Philosophy:

Very little added sugar or vinegar as Maison Martin chooses to reveal the beauty of the fruits themselves.

For all spice lovers:

The collection is made of Pure Cru sauces as well as blend of chilli peppers.

The spiciness scale goes from 3/12 to 9/12: soft spice and hot spice lovers can enjoy what they like the most!

Our two favorite hot sauces as of today would be Tonnerre: furiously hot pure cru yellow habanero and the Mistral, deliciously flavored with aromas from the South of France and a lot less hot!

French hot sauces will go a long way: to be tasted now!


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