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Verjus, Bourgoin Cognac


SKU: BC-101

By Bourgoin Cognac


■750ml - 23.0fl.oz.

■ Charente-Maritime, France

■ Organic

■ hP 2.5


Introducing Verjus by Bourgoin Cognac, a natural and organic acidifier handmade in Charente-Maritime, France. With a pH of 2.5, this acidic grape juice, made from early harvest grapes, is a perfect alternative to lemon in both the kitchen and bar. Use it to add a tangy twist to dressings, sauces, and cocktails. Elevate your culinary game with Verjus by Bourgoin Cognac.

  • Beneficiating of rare Cretaceous subsoils (Middle Cenomanian), the Bourgoin vineyard is planted with 100% ugni-white grape variety. The low density of planting allows each vine to give 6kg of very acidic grapes, usually for the production