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Morels, Terres & Sauvagines

■ Dried

■ Large: 100g - 3.5oz. (TS-101)

■ Medium: 30g - 1.0oz. (TS-102)

■ Mushroom size: Medium (3/4"-1.5") (2-4cm)

■ Product of Patagonia


Looking for a gourmet ingredient to elevate your cooking? Look no further than Terres & Sauvagines' dried morels from Patagonia, Argentina. These premium, wild-harvested mushrooms offer an intense aroma and nutty flavor that will take your meals to the next level. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, you'll appreciate the quality and flavor of these top-notch morels. Harvested in the best conditions, they're a must-have for any gourmet pantry.


PriceFrom C$116.00
  • Terres & Sauvagines is the reference in dried morels and ceps of exceptional quality. They supply the most renown Chefs in France and Europe. The selected mushrooms are hand-picked and naturally dried with the wind and the sun. Two main origins in this portfolio: Patagonia, Argentina for the morels and Lozere, France for the ceps. Margaux Amberg has an one-of-a kind life story. She was born in a family fond of good products and keen on mushroom picking. While trekking during a long stay in Argentina she realized that morels were growing all over. She befriended few famillies in Patagonia and organised a mushroom picking network. Then was born Terres & Sauvagines.