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La Chambre aux Confitures - Seedless Raspberry Jam


SKU: CA-204

By La Chambre aux Confitures


■ 200g - 7.0oz.

■ Made in France


Seedless Raspberry Jam. Intense fruity aroma in a smooth and seedless texture: great aroma burst for the palate!

  • Created in 2011 by Lise Bienaimé, La Chambre aux Confitures (which translates to Jam Chamber) has become a reference in France of high-end preserves and jams. Seven stores dedicated to their products are heaven for gourmet palates. Seasonal ripe fruits or vegetables, small batches, short cooking time: these are the keys of success to preserve the taste, color and texture of each and every fruit. No coloring agent or preservatives are ever added.