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Hazelnuts Oil, Moulin de Maneyrol,

■ 200ml - 6.8fl. oz.

■ Product of Dordogne, France
■ Virgin

■ First cold pressed


This virgin artizanal Hazelnut Oil is artisanally crafted by Moulin de Maneyrol in Dordogne, France. Made through a first cold-pressing process, the oil retains its natural flavors and nutrients. The nuts are mildly roasted to intensify the aromas and create a unique gastronomic experience. Perfect for enhancing the flavors of salads, roasted vegetables, and grilled meats. Add this handcrafted hazelnut oil to your pantry collection for a touch of French gourmet.


SKU: ML-201
  • The domain Maneyrol is located in Dordogne, in the heart of Périgord. They respect the traditional and artisanal know-how for producing oil with walnuts from their own walnut orchards. Having a taste of these oils is understanding why they are nicknamed Liquid Gold of the area.