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Hazelnuts Blonde Chocolate Spread, Lafrenchi


SKU: LF-201

By Lafrenchi


■ 250g - 8.8oz.

■ Product of France

■ Gluten-free


This hazelnut blonde chocolate spread is an extremely gourmet spread with a good taste of blond chocolate (caramelized white chocolate) that will make you addictive. Its creamy texture, nutty taste and full-fat milk with hints of salted butter caramel will transport you to a world of sweetness and comfort.

  • Lafrenchi, the emancipated French girl. This is the story of Julie, a pastry chef, epicurean and lover of gastronomy. She decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure to make caramels and spreads healthier and more respectful of our environment, while remaining as gourmand as ever. It was in 2016, with Christmas approaching, that she had the idea of making small, personalized gifts for her family. At the time, she was retraining as a pastry chef, so it was an obvious step for her to make a gourmet tr