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Liden Honey, Large, Hédène

■ 250g - 8.8oz. (Large)

■ 125g - 4.4oz. (Medium)

■ 40g - 1.4oz. (Small)

■ Texture: Creamy

■ Taste: Green

■ Intensity: Intense

■ Product of Picardy, France


Hédène linden honey comes from linden plants and has menthol overtones. Like acacia honey, it has an aromatic fineness that perfectly melts in teas or infusions. Harvested in Picardy, in the Morvan regional parc, Hédène linden honey has a wonderful white color. It smells like the linden flower, but with a subtler scent. Its strong flavor is unique, powerful and nice. Hédène linden honey offers a surprising sweetness thanks to its minty overtones. Its taste is long-lasting and without acidity. It is a mix between pleasure and delicacy. The linden’s blossoming period is unpredictable. It generally happens from mid-May to July, then the honey is harvested in July.


PriceFrom C$9.00