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Honey & Tea Bags, Hédène x Le Beau Thé

■ 250g - 8.8oz.

■ Texture: Creamy

■ Taste: Fruity

■ Intensity: Gentle

■ Product of France


Honey & Tea Bags Box. Honey by Hédène x Tea Le Beau Thé. Theme : the Eden (Hédène) Garden & the Genesis. Hédène partnered with Le Beau Thé to create this outstanding gift box Titled : the Genesis revisited in 10 days 10 teabags (assorted flavors) and a 250g jar of honey flowers from France.


SKU: HE-607
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  • Hédène is willing to offer a wide range of monofloral regional honeys with uncommon tastes, colors and textures. Noble and natural, Hédène French honeys bring to light the wonderfully rich floral heritage of France through a unique traditional know-how. Hédène offers exceptional French honeys with an incomparable refinement as apiaries are established in the most beautiful wildflowers parcels of France and honeys are cold extracted.

  • 100% pure french honey.

    ■ COUP DE FOUET: black* & green* tea, citrus fruits*, acerola*, guarana*.

    ■ SUR-BONNE: hibiscus*, verbena*, morello cherry*.

    ■ AT LOVE: rooibos*, cocoa*, ginger*, currant*.

    ■ HANGOVER: nettle*, ginger*, spirulina*.

    ■ MELANCHOLY TUESDAY: Sencha green tea*, goji berry*, cranberry*.

    ■ SUN LOVE: rooibos*, coconut*, papaya*, pineapple*.

    ■ SECRET LOVE: Sencha green tea*, rose petals*, Dragon Pearls jasmine*.

    ■ WILD LOVE: guayusa*, Sencha green tea*, lemongrass*.

    ■ LUNAR LOVE: Assam black tea*, cocoa bean*, chicory root*.

    ■ CRAZY LOVE: rooibos*, date*, mango*, papaya*.


    *Ingredients from organic farming.