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Grand Cru Honey Box, Front, Hédène

■ 3 x 40g - 1.4oz.

■ Texture: Liquid

■ Taste: Scented

■ Flavors: Acacia, linden, chestnut.

■ Product of France


Grand Cru Honey Box. If you want to buy a gift box with the best honeys for your relatives, our 40g trio’s purpose is to offer “Grand crus” pure honeys, through three emblematic Hédène honeys with various intensities. Hédène grand crus box is made up of three monofloral Hédène honeys with unique flavors, appropriate for different tasting moments. Acacia honey’s exceptional refinement and sweetness will please epicures. It is a key ingredient for breakfast, on a warm brioche or with white cheese. Linden honey’s intense freshness and subtle minty flavor can be tasted without moderation in tea. Finally, chestnut honey will match perfectly with meat or a mature cheese, thanks to intense notes and a woody flavor.


SKU: HE-601
  • Hédène is willing to offer a wide range of monofloral regional honeys with uncommon tastes, colors and textures. Noble and natural, Hédène French honeys bring to light the wonderfully rich floral heritage of France through a unique traditional know-how. Hédène offers exceptional French honeys with an incomparable refinement as apiaries are established in the most beautiful wildflowers parcels of France and honeys are cold extracted.