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Acacia Honey & Espelette Pepper, Hédène

■ 40g - 1.4oz.

■ Texture: Liquid

■ Taste: Scented

■ Intensity: Intense

■ Product of France


The Acacia Honey & Espelette Pepper by Hédène is the meeting between two unique ingredients: French acacia honey and Espelette pepper. With a light reddish color and liquid texture, this preparation is a delight for sweet and sour cuisine. On meat or cheese, this flavored preparation brings taste and originality. Subtly flavored with Espelette pepper, acacia honey reveals its entire aromatic fineness through a modern and original preparation. This singular delicacy is the result of a French traditional know-how. Harvested in France according to the traditional beekeeping, Hédène acacia honey, sweet and fine, perfectly matches the intense and fruity flavor of Espelette pepper for a long-lasting flavored and scented honey.


SKU: HE-606
  • Hédène is willing to offer a wide range of monofloral regional honeys with uncommon tastes, colors and textures. Noble and natural, Hédène French honeys bring to light the wonderfully rich floral heritage of France through a unique traditional know-how. Hédène offers exceptional French honeys with an incomparable refinement as apiaries are established in the most beautiful wildflowers parcels of France and honeys are cold extracted.