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Habanero Hot Sauce, FX Hot Sauce

■ Screw cap

■ Gluten-free

■ Thickener-free

■ Preservative-free

■ Glass bottle size: 18 x Ø3.5cm - 7.08 x 1.4"

■ Product of Namibia


Habanero Hot Sauce by FX Hot Sauce: like a lion, it asserts itself with a fiery character and a certain strength a certain strength in the mouth that remains balanced notes of peppers and chillies that give it a taste but above all, spicy. Habanero sauce is made for adventurers adventurers! Level of spiciness: Habanero hot sauce is rated at 350,000 on the hot sauce scale, otherwise known as the Scoville scale.


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  • Imagine yourself plunged into an epic worthy of the most captivating tales... One day, our team set out in pursuit of an ancient Namibian legend, that of a gold prospector and his bewitching treasure, hidden since time immemorial. Our path was strewn with obstacles, false trails and mysteries to decipher. But our determination remained unshaken, and at last we discovered the secret entrance to the cavern where the treasure waited patiently. The surprise, however, exceeded all our expectations. No gold or jewels in this cavern, but a multitude of boxes containing sticks of dynamite.

  • Habanero pepper • Salt • Sugar • Vinegar • Thickener (natural Xanthan gum).