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Espelette Pepper Olive Oil, Domaine Salvator

■ 250ml - 8.4fl. oz.

■ Product of Provence, France

■ Extra virgin


This Espelette Pepper Olive Oil is a unique and flavorful addition to any kitchen. Infused with Espelette pepper powder, this oil from France has hints of bell peppers and a light fiery note. Perfect for adding a zesty kick to any dish, this olive oil is sure to become a fast favorite. Be sure to get your bottle of Espelette Pepper Olive Oil today and add some spice to your cooking


SKU: SV-242
  • Since 1902, Domaine Salvator has farmed their olive orchards. Fifth generation of farmers, Sophie & Frédéric Pinatel have worked on turning the sustainable farming to a fully organic one. This domain has a fantastic natural heritage with hundred years old olive trees and offers olive oil of exceptional quality. A unique character, fine aromas, make the quality of the Domaine Salvator olives.