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Rêve, Box, Dammann frères

■ Product of France


Rêve Gift Set Tea by Dammann Frères. Let the gourmet notes of five fragrant infusions penetrate the fortress of your unacknowledged daydreams :


■ TISANE FIDJI, flavored herbal tea - 4 sachets.
Lemongrass, lime flavor, apple bits, ginger bits, orange peel. 


■ TISANE DES MERVEILLES, flavored herbal tea - 4 sachets.
Verbena, lime blossom, flower petals, flavors (rhubarb, raspberry, gariguette strawberry, date, orange blossom) and rose essential oil .


■ TISANE HAPPY DREAMS, flavored herbal tea - 4 sachets.
Lemongrass, star anise, rosehip peel, lemon peel, Bigarade orange tree leaves, clementine essential oil and vanilla flavor.

■ ROOIBOS CITRUS, flavored rooibos - 4 sachets.
Rooibos from South Africa, orange peel, essential oils (lime, clementine, blood orange) and kola flavor, flower petals. 


■ CARCADET CASSIS MENTHE, flavored blend for infusion - 4 sachets.
Rosehip peel, apple bits, hibiscus flowers, flavors (blackcurrant, blueberry, peppermint) 


Net weight : 44g / 1,55oz.
Dimensions : 17 x 6 x 13cm


SKU: DF-702
  • Creator of teas and herbal blends for infusion, Dammann frères is in France, one of the most important tea-maker, and one of the last to “master” all the aspects of tea-making. In its workshops - 32,000 m2 in Dreux, in the west of Paris - a team of 190 people prepare a collection rich of 300 single origins teas, classic & flavored blends and infusions. Our experts select and buy teas a