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Iced Tea Pitcher, Dammann Frères

To prepare your tea



Let’s prepare instantly iced tea or infusion with the DAMMANN Frères Iced Tea Maker. A pitcher with an elegant and sober design combining a concentrated hot brew with an instant cooling for a minute preparation of 1 liter of drink at home or on the terrace… The ritual of the Iced Tea Maker DAMMANN Frères is so spectacular and beautiful that preparing an iced tea or infusion becomes a celebration that you can also present in front of your guests. Discover the preparation ritual Easy to use & instant preparation. Suitable for the dosage of DAMMANN Frères iced teas & infusion sachets. Borosilicate glass.


SKU: DF-810
  • Creator of teas and herbal blends for infusion, Dammann frères is in France, one of the most important tea-maker, and one of the last to “master” all the aspects of tea-making. In its workshops - 32,000 m2 in Dreux, in the west of Paris - a team of 190 people prepare a collection rich of 300 single origins teas, classic & flavored blends and infusions. Our experts select and buy teas and plants directly from the plantations: a tea-blender, heir to the family’s know-how of the house, develops and ensures the regularity of classic blends when a flavorist creates original new teas & infusions, well- balanced and finely scented that make the house, a privileged partner in the world of gastronomy for over 60 years.Inventor of the first modern flavored tea with the iconic Russian tea Goût Russe Douchka, Dammann frères designed the Cristal® sachet in the 1980s. Transparent, the Cristal tea-bag® allows the amateurs to appreciate the quality of the teas and plants used in our recipes. Throughout the day, numerous are the occasions of tea tasting. During breakfast, at a work break, in accompaniment or at the end of a meal, at tea-tims, or simply for a relaxing moment... Discover on our pages all our ranges of teas and infusions.

  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis) • Lemongrass • Flavors (kiwi, cucumber, green apple).