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Black Wooden Chest, OpenBox, Dammann Frères

■ Product of France


Black Wooden Chest Gift Set Tea by Dammann Frères.

6 sachets of each variety of a selection of 8 teas selected are gathered in a black wooden chest:


■ BREAKFAST - Blend of black teas

■ CEYLAN O.P. - Black tea from Sri Lanka

■ SENCHA FUKUYU - Green tea from Japan

■ THÉ VERT A LA MENTHE - Flavored green tea, spearmint and peppermint leaves, natural mint flavor.

■ MISS DAMMANN - Flavored green tea, ginger bits, lime essential oil and passion fruit flavor, flower petals.

■ EARL GREY YIN ZHEN - Flavored black tea, Black tea and white tea tips, bergamot essential oil, flower petals.

■ JARDIN BLEU - Flavored black te, Black tea, flavors (rhubarb, wild strawberry, strawberry), flower petals.

■ GRAND GOÛT RUSSE - flavored black tea, Black tea, finger lime flavor and bergamot essential oil, bergamot peel, flower petals.


Net Weight: 90g / 3,17oz.

Dimensions: 28,5x6,8x23,5cm / 11.2x2.6x9.2"


SKU: DF-716
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  • Creator of teas and herbal blends for infusion, Dammann frères is in France, one of the most important tea-maker, and one of the last to “master” all the aspects of tea-making. In its workshops - 32,000 m2 in Dreux, in the west of Paris - a team of 190 people prepare a collection rich of 300 single origins teas, classic & flavored blends and infusions. Our experts select and buy teas and plants directly from the plantations: a tea-blender, heir to the family’s know-how of the house, develops and ensures the regularity of classic blends when a flavorist creates original new teas & infusions, well- balanced and finely scented that make the house, a privileged partner in the world of gastronomy for over 60 years.Inventor of the first modern flavored tea with the iconic Russian tea Goût Russe Douchka, Dammann frères designed the Cristal® sachet in the 1980s. Transparent, the Cristal tea-bag® allows the amateurs to appreciate the quality of the teas and plants used in our recipes. Throughout the day, numerous are the occasions of tea tasting. During breakfast, at a work break, in accompaniment or at the end of a meal, at tea-tims, or simply for a relaxing moment... Discover on our pages all our ranges of teas and infusions.