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Le Comptoir des Poivres - Cinnamon Madagascar

By Le Comptoir des Poivres


■ 50g - 1.7oz.

■ Origin : Madagascar


This Cinnamon Powder hails from the lush island of Madagascar, where it is carefully harvested and dried to preserve its rich flavor. This fragrant spice adds a subtle sweetness to any dish, with a hint of peppery warmth that is perfect for adding depth to pastries, baked goods, and savory dishes alike. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook looking to elevate your cuisine, our premium Cinnamon Powder is the perfect addition to your spice collection. Try it today and discover the rich, aromatic flavor of Madagascar cinnamon.


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  • Hunter of tastes, sourcer of flavors, Olivier Derenne is eager to share new sensations, scents, textures and flavors from wonders around the globe. Le Comptoir des Poivres follows a strict work ethics: no chemical additives are ever used in the selected farms, people working in the plantations work in optimal conditions, many selection processes to keep only the most exceptional grains or berries, direct shipment from the plantations to France.