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Le Bénéfique - King's 6 Assorted Stems Infusion

Each stem is carefully selected by Le Bénéfique, a brand that specializes in organic and sustainable herbal infusions. The infusion is perfect for those who want to explore new flavors and aromas, while also enjoying the numerous health benefits of herbal tea. The beautifully packaged box makes for a great gift for any tea lover or a lovely addition to your own tea collection. Experience the exquisite taste and aroma of King's 6 Assorted Stems Infusion, and indulge in a truly French gourmet experience.


SKU: BF-250
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  • Le Bénéfique is above all the experience of an incredibly tasty and completely artisanal infusion. They harvest the rarest plants, sometimes even endemic, which quintessence (taste, scent and eye) is unveiled when pouring hot water and let infuse in your cup.  Le Bénéfique is the only brand to offer infusions as whole stems. There is no transformation. When the stem is freed in the water, it’s an expression of color and flavor of its own : purple, yellow, turquoise… From the Yörük turkish ethnic group living in Ida Mount to pickers in the French Vosges discovering their ancestral practices, it’s a true know-how transfer that Le Bénéfique creates. Two collections that pay a tribute to two cultures that were reunited once upon a time thanks to Turkish Sultan Suleman and French King François 1er who initated during their lifetime a powerful and forerunner coalition. Yörük’s harvesting process has become their trademark.