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Artisanal Virgin Walnut Oil

Who’s the maker?

The domain Maneyrol is located in Dordogne, in the heart of Périgord.

There is a man behind these tasteful oils. Charlie Le Gallo is working with what the nature provides and supplies in his land. At the mill, they respect the traditional and artisanal know-how for producing oil with walnuts from their own walnut orchards.

Having a taste of these oils is understanding why they are nicknamed liquid gold of the area.

Virgin Walnut Oil

Made with Périgord Walnuts, first cold pressed.

Very high in Omega-3, only high-quality walnut halves are ever used to produce the oil. The production process consists in slightly heating and lightly roasting the nuts to help the development of all aromas.

The result is a perfectly balanced, mellow and flavorful yet delicate oil with a long-lasting walnut flavor.

Tasting Suggestions:

Perfect for salad dressings, to flavor fish and steaks, or to jazz up desserts.

--> Home-made peanut butter:

Mix 2 cups of slightly roasted and salty peanuts with 1 teaspoon of walnut oil and voilà, ready to eat peanut butter!


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